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Hi, my name is

Meghan Otenbaker


Hi there! 

Thank you for stopping by to take a look through my portfolio.

My name is Meghan Otenbaker. As an alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design, I'm a self-proclaimed creative "crazy lady", a passionate artist, a leader, a teacher, designer, and entrepreneur.


My goal in life is to put my foot in every door, make beautiful things, meet beautiful people, and tell their stories through my work. 

This space is dedicated to showcasing my work and my passion. The projects highlighted on my page are merely windows into the opportunities I have had so far in my career that set my soul on fire. I hope when you scroll through my work you see the love, dedication, and joy that went into every project.

I would love to hear from you! Send me a message using the form below or follow me on social media!

Here's some of my

Recent Work

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